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Yes, I suck. Kill me now, or scroll your eyes a bit to your right, follow the strings of words and have faith that one day, this blog will be updated regularly, filling that mo-whole in your lives ( My name is Mo. See what I did there? Har-har)


I have been busy, and a bit lazy, but more busy than lazy to write, I swear! University has started again and after two months of holidays, it is honestly about time that I get back into the swing of things. That means, waking up at seven for an eight O’Clock class. Yes, most people will role their eyes at waking at seven in the morning, but somewhere out there a student’s heart has skipped a beat and he will seriously wonder if it is really is worth getting up so early for anything in life.


Classes are going OK so far. There are five levels for language learners here in Nanda 南大, the highest, where students learn about China in Chinese, and the other four are pure language course from Advanced to Beginners. I am in the second of three Advanced classes, and would love to be in the first, but that class room is ridiculously full. I am still torn between sitting in that class on the floor or staying in mine, which has fewer students, but the teachers are also slower and a bit boring. Nevertheless, we use the same books and have a huge workload to go through, forcing me to study almost all day. It says a lot about the work I have to do when I of all people actually sit down and work all day from the start of a semester.


I am busy studying and even now I am glancing aside to my textbook pile, wondering what I feel like starting with.  I will also go soon to the bank to change my money. In fact, Chinese banks are worth a post of their own, but going to one can be summarized in a word: Complicated.


On a great note, a friend of mine has connections (关系guanxi) working for Siemens who are looking for a translator from German to English. I need to dust off my CV and just send it off and it will hopefully be a done deal.

Wish me luck



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